Do you want to learn the STEP7 language?

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Do you want to learn the STEP7 language for the SIEMENS PLCs S7-300, S7-400?


We have the perfect solution for you!

We can offer to you a STEP7 programming tool with an integrated S7-Software-PLC for only 20€ including tax.
If you live outside the EU your price is about 17€.

What you can do with WinSPS-S7?

You can write your STEP7 program in STL, LAD or FBD and then you can simulate it without any additional hardware.

If you are doing an S7 training, you can develop your programs at home and try it out immediately with the Software-PLC of WinSPS-S7.
With STEP7 from SIEMENS written programs can be imported and exported with WinSPS-S7.

Gain an advantage, and simulate your programs and present a complete and working solution!

Further more we have a additional tool called SPS-VISU (see this video on Youtube)

For the same price you can create a virtual machine for your STEP7 program.
With SPS-VISU you can simulate your program more exactly because the sensors of the virtual machines
transfers it's signal directly to the software PLC. So you don't have to set the inputs manually.

If you have a training licence of STEP7 V5.x you only need SPS-VISU to simulate your program.
Then you can write your program with STEP7 and you can simulate it perfectly with a virtual machine.

If you don't have a programming tool order WinSPS-S7 and SPS-VISU.
If you only want to simulate you can order the Starter-Edition.

If you have already STEP7 V5.x (or TIA Portal V11) you only need SPS-VISU to create a virtual machine for your simulation purposes.

Order now and get your license today!



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If you have any questions, please contact me.

Matthias Habermann, MHJ-Software

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