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GRAFCET Studio is a Windows application which can be used to create/design a GRAFCET flow chart according to DIN EN 60848. This may then be simulated on a PC.

In addition, the GRAFCET which has been created may then be transferred to a device (i.e. a Programmable Logic Controller) at the touch of a button.


Target devices: S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-400, Arduino Due, ...


The GRAFCET flow chart therefore becomes a cross-platform GRAFCET programming language through GRAFCET Studio. 


GRAFCET Studio = GRAFCET Editor + GRAFCET Simulator + GRAFCET programming software


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FACTORY I/O - The automation sandbox

FACTORY I/O is a real time automation sandbox where you can build and simulate industrial systems and use them with a hard- or software PLC. 


WinSPS-S7 for S7-300, S7-400, VIPA PLCs

WinSPS-S7 is a programming and simulation software for S7-PLCs (S7-300 and compatible PLCs).

With the on-board Software-PLC you can simulate your PLC program without any hardware PLC.

WinSPS-S7 has also a hardware configurator that supports Profibus-DP.

Many modern features like the intellisense feature or a web-server that enables you to watch variables

on your smartphone increase the usability of the software.


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SPS-VISU V4 (for S7-300, S7-400, VIPA S7-PLCs)

With SPS-VISU you can create a virtual plant with buttons, labels, belts, cylinders, lamps, limit switchs, ...

SPS-VISU can also simulate the S7- (and S5) PLC program. So you don't need any hardware to

make a virtual commissioning.

SPS-VISU is compatible with WinSPS-S7, Step7 V5.x and TIA Portal from SIEMENS.


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SPS-VISU Micro (for S7-1200 and LOGO!)

SPS-VISU Micro is similar to "SPS-VISU". You can also create virtual plants in a simple way.

For simulating the virtual plant you need a real S7-1200 or LOGO! device.

This is connected via TCP/IP with SPS-VISU Micro.

SPS-VISU Micro sends the states of the virtual sensors directly to the device.

The result is that you can test your program just as if the device wired to the real sensors and actuators.

You are able to find logic errors in your program faster than ever before.


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WinPLC-Analyzer V3

WinPLC-Analyzer is a PLC-Analyzer for S7- and S5- PLCs.

You can record signals (e.g. Input, Output, Flags, ...) in different ways.

You can use WinPLC-Analyzer to find sporadic errors or optimize your automation process.

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ComDrvS7 V6 and ComDrvS7 Micro V6

ComDrvS7 is a Communication Library (DLL) for Windows programs. You can use it with your own Software developed in C#, VB, C++ or Delphi.

ComDrvS7 is splitted in two editions:

  1. ComDrvS7 (for S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200)
  2. ComDrvS7 Micro (for S7-1200 and LOGO!)

With ComDrvS7 you can read and write adresses of the connected device.

In addition, there are many other auxiliary functions (see description).


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Backup and Restore Tool for S7-PLCs

"Buddy for S7" is a backup and restore tool for S7-300, S7-400 and compatible PLCs.

Buddy for S7 can handle also the hardwareconfiguration in your PLC. So you can make

a complete backup and restore for your S7-PLC.


You can connect Buddy for S7 over Ethernet, MPI-Adapter serial, Netlink-Lite, Netlink-Pro,

without any additional software.

If you want to use a SIEMENS USB Adapter you must install the driver for it.


Buddy for S7 supports also backup and restore over a script.

In this way you can create backups for many PLCs in one script every day.


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WinPLC-Engine - Software PLC for S7

WinPLC-Engine is a simulation tool for users of SIEMENS STEP7 V5.x (Simatic Manager) or TIA PORTAL V11-V13.

You can use it like PLC-Sim. Step7 V5.x or TIA PORTAL can connect WinPLC-Engine over TCP/IP.


Create your own simulation board with WinPLC-Engine.

You can place on the user interface the following items:

  • Background image
  • Input LED, Output LED
  • Analog Input bar, analog output bar
  • Labels

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